Create Eye-Catching Design for Digital Publishing

Empower Your Creativity with QuarkXPress 2021

Digital publishing has come a long way since the days of desktop publishing. It took some time, but hardware can finally make the possibilities of digital publishing software brilliant realities. Today, whatever designs you dream up, you can create and then publish everywhere.

Once upon a time, desktop publishing was revolutionary to graphic designers, publishers, and even independent authors. Suppose offered the power of a mainframe computer small enough to sit on a desk and the utility of software to design posters, pamphlets, journals, and newspapers. Today, we can publish to new levels, thanks to more design tools and technology to publish across every channel and worldwide.

Each iteration of software enables us to create exciting designs across new formats. Using desktop publishing software in 1998 was a dream for publishers, like FTP for printers or apps for programmers. However, internet technology constrained publishers for many years because what could be designed could not be distributed quickly. Thankfully, technology has caught up with our imaginations as we can distribute publications like flipbooks, digital editions, and apps with the click of a mouse. Graphics that leap off pages, not just because of interactive elements, but because QuarkXPress software provides the tools that let typography and graphics, layout, and design look as good in digital as they do in print.

As the saying goes, “it’s great living in the future.” The hindrances to creating dynamic and beautiful digital publications are in the past. Whether you’re authoring a research report, creating web banners, or publishing an app, you can create eye-catching designs with QuarkXPress 2021.

It’s in Your Toolbox

When you think of designing for print, two critical elements, typography, and color come to mind. For years, they caused many headaches when publishing print and digital editions. Ironically, issues with images and graphics were settled years ago for digital formats, a process led by Quark. And now, with QuarkXPress 2021, your typography flows in pixels, and your colors explode off screens.

Designers asked for greater control and nuances in typography tools, and we delivered, differentiating QuarkXPress from InDesign, Corel, and Affinity. QuarkXPress allows granular control over characters, syllables, and words for typography elements such as fonts, strokes, or shading. QuarkXPress 2021 also offers the ability to convert text to Bézier curves and first-class, open-type controls. Therefore, you can create pamphlets, posters, and magazine covers that can be published in any size and distributed via any channel while retaining their artistry.

The abundance of color modes offers a wealth of options in digital designs. Best of all, the colors match in print. QuarkXPress, design color blends with multi-color gradients and ICC color management to bring creativity to layouts that are true to life. So designers can color with every gradient of the rainbow (and greyscale), and marketers can rest assured their companies’ branding matches in print and digital.

Let Your Content Flow

Managing the content layout is essential when creating an eye-catching design, but this area also suffered during print-to-digital transitions. However, QuarkXPress is publishing software for layout as well as design. Its latest version offers users distinctive control over their layouts.

A high priority for Quark is to ensure digital content is organized and accessible. Often, an e-reader’s software overrides layout elements such as table of contents and indexes, frustrating publishers and readers alike. With QuarkXPress 2021, these vital elements act independently with consistency intact. For example, when you layout Chapter 2 to start on page 15, it begins on page 15. The same is possible with indexes too. When the cookbook’s index indicates a black bean soup recipe is on page 42, every amateur chef will find that recipe on page 42, regardless of device, channel, or platform. That’s the consistency every publisher wants.

Create Print-Like Digital Work

The secret behind QuarkXPress software is simple: it’s made for people who strive to create outstanding publications, no matter their audiences. With QuarkXPress, you get the tools to complement your publishing needs. Whether you’re creating pamphlets for a school function, posters for an event, or a magazine for your app store, our software provides world-class features and functionality for both layout and design. After all, a well-designed publication should be striking to see and easy to navigate.

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