It’s The Winds of Change at Quark, Welcome CEO Martin Owen

The pace of digital transformation in the past few years has awed one and all. As we tickle the grey cells and ponder the ever-changing digital landscape, a ton of questions often pop up about how to seamlessly connect, engage, learn, and do business in these unprecedented times. Quark is increasingly contributing its expertise to solve the pertinent issues facing the world. We feel proud of how we have supported customers, team members, and businesses during the pandemic.

For over 40 years, we have been on a mission to keep creating products that empower people. Our flagship QuarkXPress is loved globally, and our Content Enablement platform has revolutionized industries far and wide. Keeping up with the changing trends and focused on better customer experiences and further exploring the tremendous power of creativity, we are very excited to introduce Martin Owen, our new CEO.


Martin was previously associated with Erwin Inc. as a senior vice-President, product strategy, product vision and strategy, product leadership, revenue, pricing, analysts, cloud, security, and customer support. Martin also co-founded an enterprise architecture provider – Corso – where he directed, strategized, and help evolve the SaaS product lines.


Martin comes to Quark with more than 25 years in data and enterprise architecture. He co-authored the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN), which is now a worldwide industry standard, and he also strategized for the IBM Jazz initiative for the new generation of web-based collaborative software tools. At IBM, Martin was the global director of product management and focused on enterprise architecture, portfolio management, and asset management tooling. He also oversaw product lifecycles and successful growth.

His vast experience also includes work at Telelogic (acquired by IBM), where he served as the vice-President of enterprise architecture. Martin was also the director of professional services and product management at Popkin Software.


Martin likes spending time in the Silicon Canal, the United Kingdom’s Birmingham equivalent of Silicon Valley. Here, he mentors startups and scaleups in technology and product strategy. He is the head of the Silicon Canal working group “Made in Birmingham,” which encourages innovation and technological development in the Midlands area.
Martin is also a dedicated family man and spends time with his wife and three kids during his free time. He coaches and plays competitive rugby as well.


As Quark CEO, Martin will bring his experience and leadership to guide the software company through the next stages of its success. Martin replaces Christopher Hickey, who has assumed the role of Quark President. He would now lead all revenue performance areas and ensure sustainable sales growth by increasing revenue year after year.
There is much to achieve together. Welcome to the Quark family, Martin!