7 Reasons Digital Publishing Is A Rising Industry

There are moments in history when technology meets opportunity and advances an industry into the future. 2020 was such a moment.

Throughout 2020, as adaptation of digital communications eclipsed the use of traditional channels, publishers leaned into their use of technology. Now, publishers are ready to not only compete across the digital landscape, they are poised to lead it.

Covid-19 provoked a crisis for many publishers “but it also presents a unique opportunity to accelerate the internal digital transformations organisations have been implementing for nearly two decades,” says Lucy Keung of Reuters Institute in a 2021 report summarized in What’s New in Publishing.

This report forecasts the digital publishing industry is set for a great expansion. It highlights the convergence of technological advancements along with adaptation of these advancements as reasons for optimism.

We are on digital devices all the time, incorporating tech into every part of daily life. It’s not just multichannel consumption of content, it’s omnichannel: reading magazines on tablets, streaming videos on laptops, enjoying podcasts on our phones – the same devices used to bank, order meals, even host family video chats.

It is the moment publishers have waited for. They’re ready to deploy a full arsenal of tools that not only provide content people want, but also to gain insights into user experience as well as monetize publications. These are two of several reasons to be bullish on the future of digital publishing.

7 Reasons to be bullish on digital publishing

1- Distribute Anywhere in the World
Print distribution is limited, digital distribution is not. So, publishers can distribute content on any device across every channel and platform. This is an ability to connect with consumers like never before.

2 – Publish Omni-channel
Creating content for a specific channel is a thing of the past. Content can be created for publication in every channel, no matter the format or file size, whether it’s a video in a magazine published as an app, a flipbook style catalog with slideshows, or a responsive website.

3 – Create interactive, immersive experiences
Unlike static, print publications, interactivity embedded in digital publications immerse readers with content from videos and slideshows, animation, pop-ups,and responsive pages. Such keeps readers engaged longer per visit and likely increases repeat visits.

4 – Reach Readers Where They Are
We use digital devices for everything we do. And, we’re on these devices several hours a day. Now, publishers, marketers, and production companies can reach people anytime of day, no matter where they consume content.

5 – Improved Analytics Equals Granular Understanding
Extended distribution combined with the integration of analytic software allows publishers and marketers to gain granular understanding of users engagement with their content, offering immense opportunities to improve content, distribution, and promotion.

6 – Monetization
Along with better analytics, publishers are finally realizing consistent profitability of their digital content. Through subscriptions and paywalls, apps and in-app purchasing, viable income has been a long-time hurdle.

7 – Graphics
Combining robust and ubiquitous broadband with high quality design software, designers are able to create and incorporate hi-res graphics, images, videos, and other elements to improve user experiences.

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