Converting QuarkXPress Legacy Files with the QuarkXPress Document Converter

Even if you are up-to-date and working on QuarkXPress 2018, you may find yourself with fairly old files in your archive that you want to open but can’t because the file format is no longer supported. To help QuarkXPress users in this situation, Quark offers a free tool: the QuarkXPress Document Converter.

The QuarkXPress Document Converter is a small standalone application that converts documents created with QuarkXPress 3 to 8 to the version 9 format, so that QuarkXPress 10 and higher can open documents last saved by one of those versions.

This tool has been a time-saver (and lifesaver!) for many QuarkXPress users. There’s good reason. As Matthias Guenther, Quark’s resident QuarkXPress expert, says, “There are millions of QuarkXPress documents in existence and offering automated conversion makes it easy for our customers to bring old QuarkXPress files to life.”

Where can I find the QuarkXPress Document Converter?
The QuarkXPress Document Converter is a free download and is available for both MacOS and Windows. 

How can I use the QuarkXPress Document Converter?
There are three main reasons why the QuarkXPress Document Converter will come in handy and maybe even help you avoid recreating valuable work.

1) Convert legacy documents when using a newer version of QuarkXPress
QuarkXPress 10 brought about major code changes to QuarkXPress to make it a faster, leaner, more effective software application. However, the code changes meant that QuarkXPress 10 cannot open documents that had been last saved by QuarkXPress 6 or before. So, perhaps the most obvious use of the QuarkXPress Document Converter is to open documents that were last saved with QuarkXPress 6 or before (also 7 or 8 for other reasons).

2) Remove Pasteboard XT references
If you’re a long time user of QuarkXPress, you might know about the Pasteboard XTension developed by a third party. Pasteboard was used to extend the space of the pasteboard in QuarkXPress. However, the functionality of Pasteboard was not ideal because it flagged the need for the XTension, even when it was not use. If this is an issue for you, use the QuarkXPress Converter to open documents that contain references to the Pasteboard XT to remove it when you don’t actually use the Pasteboard XTension.

3) Remove Web layouts and Flash layouts
For a while now HTML4 and Flash (SWF) have fallen out of favor and are no longer considered modern Web formats. However, legacy QuarkXPress files may contain these formats (though they were discontinued in QuarkXPress when QuarkXPress 10 was released}. If you use QuarkXPress 10 or higher and need to open documents that contain print layouts along with web layouts or Flash layouts, use the QuarkXPress Document Converter that will remove the unsupported formats.

Upgrade to QuarkXPress 2018 and 2019
Upgrade to QuarkXPress 2018 now and you’ll get QuarkXPress 2019 free when it arrives this July. It’s an easy upgrade together with the new QuarkXPress Advantage plan – which includes unlimited free tech support, a personal Quark account manager and much more.

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