Tips and Tricks: How to Delete Preferences

When QuarkXPress doesn’t behave the way you expect it to, in most cases it helps to delete the preferences. Deleting preferences and restarting QuarkXPress creates new, fresh preferences. The only thing you will lose is any customization you have done to preferences. Existing documents are not changed and are not affected.

Where to Find Preferences
We often get asked where preferences are stored in QuarkXPress. And though it hasn’t changed in all these years, here are two quick videos on how to delete preferences of QuarkXPress on macOS and Windows.

On macOS / OS X, QuarkXPress stores its preferences in the User Library. Be careful, macOS offers TWO Libraries, a global one and a user one. Preferences are stored in the user library. In the main macOS menu go to libraries and press the ALT-key and Libraries will appear in the menu. Then navigate to the folder: “Preferences > QuarkXPress.” Delete everything in that folder. Restart QuarkXPress.

Watch MacOS Video

On Windows, QuarkXPress stores its preferences in the local app data directory of the user. Though using the same concept, Microsoft did rename the folders in the different versions of Windows. Press Windows-key and R (for “Run”) and paste the following path in there:
%localappdata%\Quark\QuarkXPress 2018\ (change the version number if needed to 2017, 2016 etc.)

Watch Windows Video

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