Adobe to Sue Users of Legacy Versions of Creative Cloud?

If you’re an Adobe customer you may have recently received a notice letting you know that using old Adobe Creative Cloud software could get you sued. According to reports, “This is because Adobe claims they’ve discontinued certain older versions of Creative Cloud applications and therefore, as per the programs’ user agreement, the owners are no longer licensed to use the software.”

The Daily Mail covered backlash from Adobe customers over the notice and writes, “As reported by AppleInsider, some users, many of whom have been paying Adobe to use its software for multiple years weren’t happy with the company’s approach.” Many have threatened to move to competitive software products.

Best Practice: Offer Designers Options
Adobe’s notice highlights an interesting aspect of subscriptions. Users pay a monthly fee to access and use the software and stay up to date throughout the term of their subscription, which is one major benefit of subscriptions. However, once payments stop – users are no longer able to access the application.

Freedom of Choice
Which is why Quark gives designers choice and the freedom to decide when they upgrade. Earlier this year we introduced QuarkXPress Advantage – the new way to upgrade to QuarkXPress. With the Advantage program Quark offers QuarkXPress users all the benefits of a subscription with one major difference: Users always OWN their software – even if they decide not to renew the Advantage program.

Read why QuarkXPress Advantage is the New Way to Upgrade.

Always Own Your Software
So, if Adobe is threatening you with a lawsuit for using your software, consider moving to QuarkXPress. When you purchase a copy of QuarkXPress, you will always own it – it will not expire, it will not stop working if you don’t upgrade.

QuarkXPress users who opt for Advantage will receive ongoing quarterly updates to QuarkXPress, as well as each major version, during the tenure of their program. Every owner of QuarkXPress also decides when to upgrade to a new Advantage plan. Plus, the program includes unlimited tech support and a personal account manager.

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