Why QuarkXPress Advantage is the New Way to Upgrade

It seems there is a subscription for everything, from computer software and online storage for home security cameras to ink for our printers. Of course, this isn’t a new approach. We’ve subscribed to services for many years, from cable TV to phone plans. Subscriptions benefit vendors of these products and services, but there are also many benefits for the consumer or business paying for the subscription. In the context of computer software, the benefits include:

  • Planned expenditure – you know what you have to pay each year
  • Upgrades – you have access to the latest features automatically
  • Technical support – you get the support you need as part of the agreement
  • Earned business – vendors have to continue to earn your business in order to keep you as a paying subscriber
  • Low/no upfront costs – for software in particular, subscriptions remove the high initial cost of software purchases

But are there any downsides? That depends. If the vendor selling the subscription is in a perceived monopoly position, that’s a problem. Essentially, the vendor no longer has to earn your business, knowing you can’t go anywhere else. That means, as the consumer, you might not be getting the value you should for your investment, especially if the software developer isn’t regularly delivering significant new features and enhancements.

The other downside that many software subscribers object to is that with subscriptions they no longer own their software. If a customer stops paying for their subscription, they no longer have access to the software or the ability to even access their files and work. Losing access to files is perhaps the most troubling aspect and is more specific to creative software than any other type of subscription. With a typical subscription to creative software, you invest thousands of hours in creative development using the software but once you stop paying you cannot access your own creative work. In this case, subscribing to software is more like renting software. And when you stop paying rent– the landlord locks you out.

How then do you give customers all the benefits of subscriptions without the downside?
At Quark we took this challenge to heart and just rolled out an exciting new program called QuarkXPress Advantage. It’s our new way to upgrade that is so much more than a traditional upgrade.

With QuarkXPress Advantage, you always own the software – no exceptions! If you ever decide not to renew with QuarkXPress Advantage, you continue to own the version of QuarkXPress you were using before your plan ended, and you can therefore continue to access all of your creative work. Plus, as part of your QuarkXPress Advantage plan you have guaranteed continual access to major and minor updates, are able to plan your expenditure in advance and save up to 20% with our 36-month plan. You get unlimited tech support, a personal account manager and Quark has to continue to earn your business – which we love to do by the way – by providing valuable upgrades to QuarkXPress. We’re also working on additional benefits to add to the plans soon, such as special offers on partner products.

If QuarkXPress is your tool of choice take a look at QuarkXPress Advantage today, remove the deliberation over upgrades and make sure you always have access to the latest and greatest software and all of the tools you need to be successful.

To find out more about QuarkXPress Advantage, contact our team for details.