Tool Tip of the Month – Bézier Illustration Tools

QuarkXPress lets you create gorgeous illustrations using industry-standard Bézier Pen tools — without leaving your layout. The robust vector tools work like the Pen tools in other popular drawing applications such as Illustrator. So if you think you need to turn to illustration applications for a fancy drop cap, logo, or design element, turn no more.

Convert EPS or AI files to native QuarkXPress editable objects, adjust and add paths, use gradient fills, convert text to paths, and modify each detail — right there in your layout. And even better, use the Composition Zones feature to manage your logos – even those with multiple layers – and place or re-use them throughout your main layout. Once you make a change to your logo, you  update a color for example, all instances of your logo will update automatically throughout your complete project no matter if it’s been used in a print or digital layout.