QuarkXPress Customer of the Month: Tim Rock of Marine Images

Tim Rock, of Marine Images, is an award-winning publisher, author and photographer who specializes in the marine world. He travels the globe in search of underwater, aerial, cultural, marine and travel-related images. Throughout his travels, Tim captures breathtaking moments in time, many of which have been featured on major networks, such as CBS, ABC and NBC, as well as in documentaries, television shows, and Lonely Planet travel guides.

To showcase his impressive portfolio of imagery, Tim also personally publishes a full series of diving guides and coffee table image books. His newest books are out now. They are the 2019 updates of the Diving and Snorkeling Guide series which include Palau-Yap, Truk-Pohnpei-Kosrae, Guam-Marianas, Bali, Northeast Indonesia-Raja Ampat and the special edition third update of Hidden Treasures-Guam’s Marine Preserves.

For over 20 years, Tim has chosen QuarkXPress to create his stunning books. We caught up with him to learn more about his career and his work with QuarkXPress.

Why is QuarkXPress your go-to design software?
I used to produce a Sunday magazine called Islander for Pacific Daily News, a Gannett newspaper located in Guam. Our newsroom was one of ten around the country to upgrade to MAC from the old printer system back in the late 1980s as we were also involved in the Asian launch of USA Today at the paper. The program chosen by Gannett to produce all of this was QuarkXPress. I learned it from scratch and produced that magazine for ten years. When I left, I worked for Lonely Planet as a photojournalist/author and also ran my own production agency doing collateral work for tourism bureaus across the western Pacific, the Philippines and Bali. I had QuarkXPress installed in the company computers and we continue to use it to this day. We do everything from print and e-book series books to post cards and fridge magnets and they all come out perfect with QuarkXPress.

What are your favorite features of QuarkXPress?
I like some of the newer “e” features, especially the easy production of print PDFs as well as e-books for both MAC and Kindle readers. The new graphic aids and the improved sharpness and color on proofs is also a huge plus. My new book “The 50 Best Dives in Japan – The Ultimate Guide to the Essential Sites” is a product of the latest version of QuarkXPress.

Would you recommend QuarkXPress for other publishers and creative professionals?
I highly recommend QuarkXPress. I just think it is the most versatile and flexible professional layout and output system now available with constant improvements and updates. It has features I don’t even use but I may need and/or learn them someday and it is nice to know I have them. When I give seminars on book production, I use QuarkXPress to explain layout properties and concepts. But most importantly, QuarkXPress works. It is a highly tuned professional tool that I have relied on for decades. Simply put, QuarkXPress just works well.

The entire Quark team thanks Tim for choosing QuarkXPress to help bring his images to life. To find out more about Tim, his books and photography, please visit: https://timrock.photoshelter.com/about.