February Update to Quark Content Automation Platform

Quark is excited to share the new release of our Content Automation Platform. We recently released the February 2019 update, which is a short-cycle release focused on providing Quark’s content automation customers more productivity and efficiency from the Platform. Some highlights include:

Cloud and Infrastructure Updates: We added additional Amazon infrastructure support including Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), as well as updates to Aspose and CKEditor.

Usability Enhancements: High-performing spell checker boosts authoring efficiency, advanced cross-referencing improves consistency and enforces style guides, and a new callback helps developers support quality checking.

Performance Boost: Take advantage of updated document navigation pane to quickly select, jump to, reorder, promote, and demote content sections plus improve performance by 70-90% with enhanced paste, undo, and redo performance.

Advances to Smart Content Schema: Net new projects can use the Smart Content Toolkit for defining new document types and style templates.

There’s more! Read about every new feature in the February 2019 Update to Quark’s Content Automation Platform and get even more information available in our published documentation. If you are curious to learn more about the previous update, check out our August 2018 Enterprise Release Update which includes the new, and highly anticipated, Smart Content Toolkit.