Aragon Research Names Quark in Tech Spectrum on Workflow and Content Automation

Workflow & Content Automation

Aragon Research recently published their Tech Spectrum on Workflow and Content Automation (WCA). Aragon defines the WCA category as an emerging category of content focused on automating document processes. The firm says WCA “represents a shift in the market, away from human creation of documents to machine creation and routing.”

The shift Aragon describes is one that Quark has addressed in recent years, marked by the introduction of our platform for Content Automation in September 2015 and the subsequent availability of numerous industry-specific applications of Content Automation. Since our entry into the market, there has been a surge in the number of organizations re-evaluating their approach to content creation, management and delivery. As consumer demand for omni-channel content continues to increase, the need for Content Automation has become more evident.

Gartner also recognized the shift earlier this year when they bid adieu to the Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Gartner now refers to their coverage of content creation and management as “Content Services.”

Improving Customer Experience with Content Automation

The need to re-evaluate content strategies and content services is being driven by a number of forces, but most significantly, the need to improve the customer experience. Majority of our Quark Content Automation clients say that yes, there are major cost efficiencies to gain as well as reduced time to market and decreased compliance risks. But more importantly, competition is so aggressive that in order to stand apart, clients need to be able to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time and through the right channel. This just isn’t possible with legacy file-based content management solutions and processes.

ECM solutions are rigid and lack the functionality and agility needed for multi-channel content creation and delivery. Traditional ECM software continues to be file-centric while Web CMS software is primarily focused on short form Web content and unable to serve as the central hub for all business-critical content. As Aragon points out in the new WCA report, what organizations need are platforms that can manage a wide variety of business-critical content at a component level in order to meet the expectations of their customers and employees.

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