How to Open Older QuarkXPress Documents

How do you open QuarkXPress documents that you have maybe created ten years ago or even in the early 90’s?

If you are using QuarkXPress 9 (or below) that’s not an issue, as QuarkXPress 9 opens all previous files from version 3 to 9.

However with version 10, QuarkXPress has cut some fat and removed the legacy technology (e.g. the non-Unicode type engines) of QuarkXPress 6 and below. Remember, with version 7 QuarkXPress introduced OpenType and Unicode, smoothly rendered type display, glyphs that could hang outside the text box, basically everything you don’t want to miss nowadays anymore.

So how do you open older QuarkXPress documents with QuarkXPress 10 or QuarkXPress 2015 or newer?

If your document was last saved with version 7, 8 or 9, it’s no problem you can just open them directly. However, what of you still have documents last saved in version 6 or even v3?

Then the QuarkXPress Document Converter comes to the rescue. It basically is version of QuarkXPress 9 without user interface. It opens older documents, version 3.1, 4, 5 or 6, and resaves them in the version 9 format. And then QuarkXPress 10 and 2015 can open the converted document.

Even better, if you have a bunch of documents, then QuarkXPress Document Converter can batch convert them:


(just use the right button to point it to the folder with subfolders that contains your QuarkXPress documents)

QuarkXPress Document Converter will not overwrite your files, instead it will create a copy, so that your original file stays untouched.

And of course QuarkXPress Document Converter is free of charge and runs on OS X and Windows, up to El Capitan and Windows 10. Download the QuarkXPress Document Converter.

Please note that if you are using a file extension to classify your files, then the correct file extension for QuarkXPress 3, 4 and 5 documents is .qxd, for QuarkXPress 6 it is .qxp. Otherwise the QuarkXPress Document Converter might not recognize the file correctly.


You are using QuarkXPress 9 (or below)?

    • You can directly open all documents up to v9.

You are using QuarkXPress 10 (or higher)?

    • You can directly open all documents from version 7 onward.
    • And for documents last saved in version 6 or below use the QuarkXPress Document Converter first.

Future versions of QuarkXPress

QuarkXPress 7 was the first version of QuarkXPress that uses a modern type engine (Unicode, OpenType), that’s why we decided to make the cut to not incorporate the old type engine in modern versions of QuarkXPress.

Good news are that going forward this means that also future versions of QuarkXPress – like for example QuarkXPress 2016 or QuarkXPress 2018 – will continue to be able to open documents from QuarkXPress 7 or newer.