Webinar Showing Major Features of QuarkXPress 2018

Quark today announced the upcoming Version 2018, the next major version of QuarkXPress.

In this 39 min long webinar, I am showing the highlights of QuarkXPress 2018, like Color Fonts, JavaScript based on V8, Hyphenation Strictness, the new PDF Engine, PDF/A export, creating tagged PDF, unlimited Android Single App creation and more: https://youtu.be/y7nj6qyTGLw

QuarkXPress 2018 will be officially released on May 16, 2018.


About the Author
Both an engineer and a layout artist, Matthias Guenther bridges the gap between technology and people. Before joining Quark, Matthias pioneered print, Web, and multimedia products for multiple German publishing companies. Since 1997 he has played a central role in shaping Quark’s desktop and enterprise software. Starting 2003 Matthias has focused on Quark’s interactive and digital publishing solutions. He is an active participant in design and publishing communities and represents Quark in the Ghent PDF Workgroup. Since February 2014 Matthias heads Quark’s Desktop Publishing business unit and is therefore responsible for QuarkXPress.