Introducing Content Automation for Fund Marketing

Today at TSAM London Quark Software launched Quark Content Automation for Fund Marketing. This new solution transforms how asset management companies produce and share fund marketing material such as pitchbooks, client review presentations, fund fact sheets, commentaries, and other business-critical content.

Using Quark’s Smart Content approach to Content Automation, asset management teams deliver customized and compliant marketing material to clients and prospects across any channel (print, web, and mobile) – all from a single source of approved content. It allows firms to connect with customers and potential customers more quickly with fewer resources.

Out with the Old, In with the New

Unlike traditional methods for creating content (in static Word documents) and reviewing content (via email or outdated content management systems), Quark Content Automation for Fund Marketing enables analysts and other subject matter experts to create structured content (Smart Content) in a familiar authoring environment. Smart Content can be managed, updated, tracked, analyzed, and reused across various channels.

With the Content Automation for Fund Marketing, fund marketers can:
  • Automate the creation of thousands of compliant fund marketing documents in seconds.
  • Enable sales reps to find and share valuable content with clients and prospects quickly.
  • Understand how internal and external audiences engage with content and iterate based on analytics.
  • Take advantage of powerful authoring tools, PowerPoint Smart Slide decks, rules-driven disclosure insertions, and more.

Content Automation for Fund Marketing is just one-way Quark Content Automation technology transforms how organizations create and engage with business-critical content. Other applications include standard operating procedures, investment research reporting, product datasheets, marketing and sales collateral, and government legislation. Visit  or Contact Us  to learn more about the benefits of Content Automation. Quark Content Enablement platform can help author, automate, publish, access, recommend and analyze the content with relevant industry insights. Please review our 2-minute video on why Quark Content Enablement is the only Unified Content enterprise SaaS platform designed to fulfil all your Digital Publishing, Content Automation, Content Management, Marketing Enablement, and Sales Enablement needs. Additionally, you may request a demo.