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How to Create an Effective Sales Strategy Presentation

| February 13, 2018 | Quark Blog Team


A sales strategy presentation is a critical component of your company’s sales process. Sales strategy presentations are often used in client-facing scenarios for laying out your proposal and presenting the roadmap you’ll follow to produce results. Client-facing sales strategy presentations should always be customized to the prospect while including key elements for building your case and closing the deal.

Strategy presentations may also be sales representative-facing, such as for kicking off your company’s sales strategy for the quarter or the year. Or, if your company is undergoing a major transformation that includes a totally revamped approach to sales, a sales strategy presentation is vital for change management. Sales strategy presentations for these audiences are focused on company-wide goals, initiatives, and processes, although they often include the same key elements as client-facing presentations.

Building an effective sales strategy presentation is much more than simply typing up a few bullet points and talking your way through a slide deck. While PowerPoint is often utilized for sales strategy presentations – and are a useful tool for presenting your vision – the steps you take to create a compelling presentation can make or break closing deals or gaining employee and key stakeholder buy-in.

So what’s the secret? Like everything in sales (and management, for that matter), there’s no one-size-fits-all, but there are some important best practices. Following them means you’ll deliver a compelling presentation that inspires your audience.

How to Structure a Sales Strategy Presentation

While a sales strategy presentation should be customized to meet the needs of your audience, or for customer-facing presentations, specifically address the prospect’s or customer’s pain points and overcome objections. Groove Digital Marketing identifies several elements an effective strategy presentation must include:

Resources for Building Effective Sales Strategy Presentations

There are tons of valuable resources for building effective sales strategy presentations, but below we’ve identified a few particularly useful resources for presentation templates, step-by-step presentation-building processes, and more.

Examples of Effective Sales Strategy Presentations

What does an effective sales strategy presentation look like? While the resources above provide helpful guidance and serve as viable frameworks on building presentations, the following examples illustrate best practices in action.

Oxygen 2.0 

Overseas online sales strategy for Chinese Brands from Oxygen 2.0

Oxygen 2.0 lays out an overseas online sales strategy for Chinese brands, tapping into many best practices for effective sales strategy presentations.

Coca-Cola (by Mitsitgwalior Seventoeleven)

Sales and distribution management at coca cola from Mitsitgwalior Seventoeleven

This slide deck incorporates all the essentials of a sales strategy presentation, from market information to forecasting, performance management, and more.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Pre-sales Presentation Material from Aileen Gusni

Technically a pre-sales presentation, this slide deck from Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a comprehensive example of an effective sales strategy presentation with killer visual appeal.


Smart Umbrella- Smartella Sales Presentation from Beyza Doğan

This sales strategy presentation from Smartella uses compelling visuals and minimal text, finding the right balance that encourages presenters to infuse personality into their oral presentations, relying on the slide deck as a guide and backdrop.

Gannett Local

gannettlocal Sales Presentation for Atlantic City from Josh Crafter

This sales strategy presentation from Gannett Local is the perfect example of a customized presentation targeted to the audience, with data and statistics relevant to the target along with key elements such as target demographics, background research, and “What’s in it for me?” information to hook the audience.

Whether you rely on frameworks, outlines, or clear-cut examples to create a sales strategy presentation, following best practices ensures that you convey the right information perfectly targeted to your audience for gaining buy-in and closing deals.

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