Docurated’s Weekly Round-up of Top Marketing Trends & Topics

How to Use Predictive Analytics to Engage Customers Throughout Their Journey:

“As consumers become more digitally connected, their buying journeys are becoming increasingly complex: The path to purchase is no longer a linear funnel; rather, it’s a circuitous journey that continues long after the transaction has been completed.”

Simplify Your Searching with Federated Search:

Salesforce strives to offer great features and advanced capabilities of search in Salesforce, such as instant auto-suggestions as they type, machine-learnt relevance ranking and an awesome new search results interface in Lightning Experience.

The Incredible Amount of Data Generated Online Every Minute:

Marketing Profs’ infographic on the massive amount data being generated online.

The Integration of CRM with Cross-channel Marketing Breeds Agility:

Leading enterprises searching for ways to bring agility to the market need look no further than cross-channel marketing.

Docurated Deepens Salesforce Partnership With New Federated Search:

Two years ago, Docurated introduced Custom Object Search for Salesforce, a tool to help uncover content in Salesforce’s Custom Objects. Today the company is extending the relationship, with the launch of a federated search product for sales and marketing.

How a Luxury Travel Brand Drives Personalization at Scale:

“As the hype machine behind AI roars on, one hospitality company that integrated Jetlore’s AI-powered service with Salesforce CRM software is seeing higher email open rates and increased conversions, plus they can derive near real-time insights into what customers buy – and what they don’t.”

This is the Way Your Reps Really Want to Learn:

“A recent survey, co-produced by The Sales Management Association (SMA) and Allego, suggests that many sales reps and sales managers have very different views about the fundamental issue of sales training.”

7 Tips for Writing Better Sales Content:

“Instead of the marketing phrase “click here,” use “read how now” or “you’ll want to read this before you send another prospecting email.” Doesn’t that sound much more intriguing? In sales prospecting, instead of “let me know”, use “click reply to let me know.”

How AI marketing can make the most of CRM data:

“Find out how enterprises can use CRM data to move from customer journeys toward AI marketing and engagement strategies.”