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The Next Enterprise Content Revolution: Augmented Reality

| January 29, 2018 | Autumn Cuellar

If the annual CES expo is anything to go by, 2018 appears to be the year of Augmented Reality (AR). Not only are expectations high for a record year of sales of AR systems, AR-focused startups are receiving a surge of investment. Google Glass, which recently re-emerged after a somewhat disgraceful exit from the general consumer arena, has shaken the controversies that dogged the initial beta release by focusing on industry applications. Glass is joined by a number of other head-mounted displays, such as Vuzix Blade and Microsoft HoloLens.

When thinking about the potential of AR systems in business, it’s easy to understand why Augmented Reality is receiving so much attention these days. While retail may be receiving the greatest amount of press coverage, as with the IKEA Place app that will superimpose an image of a catalog item over your device’s camera-view of your room, it is by no means the only sector taking advantage of the power of augmented reality. Areas where AR is being used in the workforce include assembly of complex systems, such as wire diagrams; construction and building maintenance with digitized blueprints; and management of quality assurance processes using checklists. AR can be useful in almost any situation where a high level of training is required or where employees need quick or hands-free access to a breadth of reference material.

We’re currently still in the early stages of AR adoption, therefore systems are not at the point where it’s easy or cheap to implement overlays of complicated diagrams on live views. However, organizations making AR investments today can start by making the business content they’ve been accruing over the years accessible to AR systems. This involves preparing content to be consumed in small chunks and searched in a way that makes sense for users of the system.

Quark’s Publishing Platform can help with both areas. The content automation offered by Publishing Platform will automate chunking or bursting of sections or regions to accommodate the compact displays of AR systems. Furthermore, Publishing Platform stores a wide variety of information about each content asset, facilitating targeted searches so that the necessary content is available when needed.

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