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Do You Really Need a Content Automation Platform?

| November 29, 2017 | Quark Blog Team


The increasing sophistication of online technologies and the mass adoption of smartphones, tablets, and social media have created more opportunities for organizations to engage with and enable their customers, prospects, partners, and employees.

At the same time, expectations for accessing business-critical, multimedia content at the right time and in the right place have increased exponentially. Traditional approaches to content are failing in this new era of communication.

Enterprise content management (ECM), digital asset management DAM, and other content-related solutions may each play a role in the content lifecycle, but in many cases they are not integrated, frustrating to manage, and don’t do a good enough job enabling collaboration and tracking changes and updates to content. The solution that solves these challenges is content automation.

When content automation is appropriate, the results are extremely valuable. Productivity goes up, time to market is reduced, your company can support more information products without adding resources, and you can improve the quality of your content for better customer engagement. In other words, content automation will have a transformational impact on your business.

Content automation is best deployed when your business or organization creates content that has one or more of the following characteristics:

Content automation is being applied to a wide range of business-critical content types across many different industries. Here are some examples:

To find out more about content automation and if it’s right for your organization, contact Quark or download the Beginner’s Guide to Content Automation to begin learning how a content automation platform can help your business.

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