8 Signs You Need Content Automation

Content Automation helps organizations modernize and streamline systems and processes to create, manage, publish, and deliver relevant content. This is done to stay competitive and meet customer expectations, and most organizations need to go beyond enterprise content management (ECM). How do you know if your company is one?

While various issues drive businesses to implement Content Automation solutions, you may not realize that your company has a problem with the content process. Here are eight signs that suggest the time has come to leave traditional content processes and move ahead with Quark Content Automation:

  1. It takes you a long time to publish content that it is nearly out-of-date by the time it reaches your customers.
  2. You need to publish more without increasing the size of your team.
  3. It is more challenging than ever to track who last updated your content.
  4. There are many errors in your regulated documents, or they are out of date.
  5. It would help if you found a way to reduce your content’s localization cost (translation).
  6. Your customers are dissatisfied with the inconsistency of content across your web, mobile, PDF, and print collateral.
  7. Your employees have a hard time finding the standard operating procedures.
  8. You are spending too much time re-creating content that you know already exists.

Sounds familiar? It might be time for you to think about a Content Automation solution for your business. Quark Content Enablement platform can help author, automate, publish, access, recommend and analyze the content with relevant industry insights. Please review our 2-minute video on why Quark Content Enablement is the only Unified Content enterprise SaaS platform designed to fulfil all your Digital Publishing, Content Automation, Content Management, Marketing Enablement, and Sales Enablement needs. Additionally, you may request a demo.