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Quark Software + WIRIS = Mathematical Automation

| September 15, 2017 | Autumn Cuellar


If your technical or financial content is illustrated with mathematical formulae, you’ll be interested to know that Quark Publishing Platform and Quark Author can automate mathematical content in addition to your text, tables, charts, graphics, and video.

Quark Author includes the WIRIS EDITOR, a GUI mathematical editor created by Quark partner Maths for More. When your content is published, equations are then converted to the best possible format for your target destination, be it HTML, ebook, PDF, or other. The goal is for the formulae in your business critical content to match the surrounding text for a seamless reading experience, and Quark Software with WIRIS EDITOR makes that goal an afterthought.

Check out this minute-long demo showing how Quark Author integrates with the WIRIS equation editor:

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About the Author
Autumn Cuellar is a Technical Services Consultant for the Quark content automation team. Her first degree is in Biomedical Engineering, which led to a role as a researcher at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. There Autumn co-authored a metadata specification, explored the use of ontologies for advancing biological research, and developed CellML, an XML language for describing biological models. Since leaving the academic world, Autumn has been delighted to share her enthusiasm for XML in technical and enterprise applications. At Quark, Autumn provides her XML expertise to organizations seeking to hide the XML for a better non-technical user experience.

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