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The Top Three Content Challenges for Asset Management Firms

| June 14, 2017 | Nick Howard

Earlier this year Quark partnered with TSAM (The Summit for Asset Management) to find out how asset management companies approach content creation, management, and delivery. We surveyed 111 professionals in a variety of asset management roles and found that the majority of respondents struggle to create and maintain data-heavy content types, such as financial research reports, pitchbooks, commentaries, product profiles, fund marketing assets, and more.

As we analyzed the data, it’s clear that three main content challenges plague asset management teams.

#1 Keeping Up with Digital Transformation
Digital transformation is driving change in nearly every aspect of today’s enterprise and, in most cases, requires fundamental improvements to traditional content strategies. In our survey, asset management professionals reported a wide range of digital transformation initiatives with the top three being: reducing reliance on paper, moving content online, and improving intranet/portal content consumption experiences for employees.

#2 Maintaining Consistency across Channels
There is no doubt customers want (and need) more digital content. In fact, 83% of survey respondents said their customers want more Web content, more mobile content, or both. However, almost 75% of respondents admitted to being dissatisfied with their digital content capabilities and more than 50% reported having no confidence in the consistency of their content across print, Web, and mobile channels. Fulfilling the customer requirement for more Web and mobile content is only worthwhile if the content is accurate.

#3 Relying on Outdated Tools and Technology
The content challenges associated with digital transformation and omni-channel publishing are only compounded by the fact that the majority of asset management companies still rely on shared or local file systems to manage their business-critical content. Sixty two percent of respondents stated that they find it hard to manage the document variations needed to support country and business unit requirements. It’s tough to stay competitive without modern systems that streamline content creation and management.

Addressing Challenges with Content Automation
Although these are complex pain points, new content automation solutions are already helping asset management companies solve their content challenges. By moving away from document-centric workflows and adopting structured content, it’s possible to address every challenge listed above to speed time-to-market and increase customer satisfaction.

We hope you’ll join us at TSAM New York on June 21 to attend our session “Transforming Fund Marketing with Content Automation.” You will learn more about how your organization can get ahead of competitors and drastically decrease the time and costs associated with creating, formatting, reviewing, and distributing business-critical content.

Nick Howard has over two decades of experience in enterprise software, working around the globe from the United Kingdom and Europe to New Zealand, Australia and the United States. As senior director of sales enablement for Quark, Nick is focused on solving customers’ specific content challenges. He has met with hundreds of customers across corporate, marketing, and enterprise publishing functions and is adept at turning challenges into real world software requirements.

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