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Build a Bridge and Get over It

| April 12, 2017 | Scott Allshouse

Innovation in how you approach and overcome obstacles should have a lot to do with the path you want to travel. I enjoy hiking trails in the wilderness. Which trail I select will determine if my hike is a dud or remarkable, especially this time of year.

Hiking in the spring can be fraught with obstacles such as fallen timber and raging streams. I always anticipate some acceptable risk and am not surprised when trails require that I find a different way – a better way – to get back on the path to a remarkable experience.

Innovation in business is similar. A business that wants to be different – remarkable – won’t be on the same path as every other company. Innovative businesses are constantly looking for new paths that allow them to be more successful. Often times these paths include complex obstacles to overcome.

One area where innovative leaders are forging new paths is in content strategy. Multi-channel content delivery is a competitive requirement today, which has added a tremendous amount of complexity to creating and managing content. This is especially true for the already complex content that helps organizations sell or run their businesses.

Like a flood across the trail, content processes today are fraught with obstacles. Valuable information is trapped in silos that become difficult for others to use. Or, content becomes unwieldy in heavy structures that add even more complexity. Well-intentioned content standards developed to solve business problems a decade ago can be a source of friction for transforming businesses today. How big of a bridge do you need to cross the stream?

Few businesses build products and services to be like everyone else. And, customers are looking for outcomes that will deliver a competitive advantage. How does a business differentiate their intellectual assets in human capital and valuable content to deliver optimum results? Often overlooked, adoption of best practices in content processes across organizations or the entire enterprise can be keystone to new business growth.

Trying to overcome content and process obstacles in the same way as everyone else may get you to the other side. But, where do you go from there? What path are you on? What remarkable outcomes do you and your customers gain?

Reconsider your approach to content. Do you have to stay on the same path or can you choose a new, better direction? Build the right bridge on the right path that everyone in your organization can follow, not just a chosen few. Ensure it delivers value.

It’s time to examine best practices in business-critical content. With content automation businesses can differentiate by eliminating complexity in how they create, manage, publish and deliver content. Customers can realize the outcomes in products and services promised without heavy structures.

Be brilliant! Build a bridge and get over it.

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