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Research Reveals Content Challenges Faced by Asset Management Firms

| March 15, 2017 | Gavin Drake

Today at TSAM London Quark revealed the findings of a survey we conducted among asset management professionals to learn more about their approach to content creation, management, and delivery. The research was conducted among the TSAM community, which stands for The Summit for Asset Management. Global TSAM events attract financial services organizations interested in staying competitive.

Our research, based on 111 survey respondents, uncovers universal content challenges asset management companies face – from reliance on outdated technology solutions to increased demand for Web and mobile content. The findings highlight how content teams struggle to effectively produce and provide multi-channel information to internal and external audiences.

Study highlights:

Ultimately, our research confirms that the demands for content have changed dramatically in the past decade while tools used to create and manage content have changed very little. This makes it almost impossible for asset management firms to deliver timely and accurate multi-channel content, which is a competitive requirement in today’s business landscape.

To address and solve content challenges, we at Quark advocate content automation, an evolution of enterprise content management that minimizes risk, improves the customer experience, ensures compliance, and eases the burden most content teams face today.

Gavin Drake is Vice President of Marketing for Quark Enterprise Solutions where he drives the adoption of content platforms that leverage automation to improve every stage of the content lifecycle. By moving away from creating static, siloed documents to creating reusable content components, it’s possible to reduce costs, improve content quality, and operate more competitively.

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