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Investment Research Reporting in the Digital Age

| January 18, 2017 | Autumn Cuellar

Financial reporting often includes many repetitive tasks that can eat away at resources, and when copy/paste is involved, there’s a chance for error that could make or break your business. This is why financial firms are turning to Quark to help automate their content processes. In this digital age, speed to market is critical. Your customers depend on having the latest information at their fingertips.

Quark has partnered with EFA, whose market-leading EFA Platform provides financial models essential for investment research analysis. Together, Quark Publishing Platform and EFA Platform provide a powerful Investment Research Reporting Solution for managing the content lifecycle of investment research, reporting, and analysis.

The Quark Investment Research Reporting Solution includes a wizard that allows users to select several options, including the type of report being created, the subject of the report, and preferences such as whether financial data should be presented in units of millions or billions of dollars. Once these options have been selected, Quark Publishing Platform contacts the EFA Platform for the latest data and, using that data, creates the requested report with tables and graphs that are common to all reports of the specified type. The report’s author can then add additional tables and charts (again pulled from EFA Platform), write new content, preview how the report will look when published, and share the report with team members.

To view the Investment Research Reporting Solution in action, watch one of our videos showcasing Quark’s partnership with EFA: a short overview or 30-minute in-depth demo.

To benefit from Quark’s Content Automation tools in your financial document lifecycle, ask Quark’s expert a question or request a meeting with our team.

Autumn Cuellar is a Technical Services Consultant for the Quark content automation team. Her first degree is in Biomedical Engineering, which led to a role as a researcher at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. There Autumn co-authored a metadata specification, explored the use of ontologies for advancing biological research, and developed CellML, an XML language for describing biological models. Since leaving the academic world, Autumn has been delighted to share her enthusiasm for XML in technical and enterprise applications. At Quark, Autumn provides her XML expertise to organizations seeking to hide the XML for a better non-technical user experience.

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