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Policy & Procedure Solution Requirements for Financial Services Firms

| October 19, 2016 | Quark Blog Team


Today’s hostile regulatory environment has put financial services firms on the defensive. Faced with stiff penalties, the growing risk of prosecution and career-ending rulings, CXOs are flocking to improve their regulatory profile. Unfortunately, an outdated manual workflow means a lack of control over policies and procedures content and therefore increased risk within financial services firms.


Look familiar? Legacy policies and procedures lifecycle creation and management solutions are:

That’s because financial services’ policy and procedure solutions leverage generic software, such as word processing and spreadsheet applications. These tools not only consign policy and procedure activities to manual processes, but they serve as a bottleneck to limit the contributions of robust content management solutions as well.

This begs the question: what would an effective policy and procedure lifecycle creation/management solution look like?

It would:

Leverage efficiency-boosting solutions to lower costs:

1. Business-rules-driven engines to drive efficient, parallel workflows that allow SMEs to work on content simultaneously
2. Standardize on best-practice workflows to promote consistency across the enterprise

Leverage automation technologies to replace manual tools/processes with high-productivity systems:

3. Leverage automated features to track, manage and update policy and procedure content. This feature alone can eliminate substantial labor hours currently devoted to the task.

Enable a wide variety of output formats/channels:

4. Support existing publishing and distribution channels for policies and procedures such as print and PDFs
5. Enable the automated production of modern publishing formats for policies and procedures such as HTML5 and mobile apps
6. Focus on making the procedures as easy to find, search and consume as possible

Replace point solutions with an enterprise-wide platform:

7. Through the use of configured templates, a common platform for all users dramatically increases the consistency of policy and procedure content and
activities across departments and regions
8. A single platform is cost effective for IT to manage

However, the platform must:

By meeting these criterion, financial services CXOs can dramatically bend the policy and procedure content lifecycle cost curve downward. This allows PMs to untether themselves from the straight-line costs usually associated with ballooning policies and procedures content.

Through an elegant and holistic design, Quark’s content automation platform goes far beyond fixing and patching your policy and procedure systems to build out a fully-functioning, enterprise-wide content platform. As a result, our policy and procedure content lifecycle solutions are helping financial services executives to:


With so much at stake for financial institutions, the Quark platform is comprehensive. You can seamlessly create, update, manage, publish, and deliver your policies and procedures via a wide range of channels and modes, including print and all the latest digital devices.

So, what are you waiting for? Meet the demand for accurate, up-to date and easily searchable policy and procedure content and stop fiddling with low-value tasks and focus fully on high-value content creation.

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