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Overcoming the Fragmentation Challenge

| September 6, 2016 | Dave White


When the content world was print-centric, organizations only had to think in terms of producing print content in order to reach their audience. Sure, creating multiple versions of that print content had complications, but those were largely manageable through manual processes and desktop tools.

While the initial move from print-only to print and web was slow, the acceleration in multi-channel content has been tremendous. The figure below illustrates the shift from the old content paradigm to the new omni-channel world.

When you consider the cost of creating content, reviewing and approving content, running compliance checks in regulted industries, publishing the content, distributing the content and then making updates to that content, the business cost is significant. When you consider doing it across multiple channels, the cost is prohibitive.

Device Fragmentation explodes…

You could simply decide not to support all of these channels – and you certainly need to assess your customers’ and employees’ content-consumption preferences. However, the rise of digital content, social media, and mobile devices – even wearable tech like the Apple Watch – has resulted in more empowered, better-informed customers and employees with high expectations that you’ll need to meet in order to win and retain them.

Your customers, in particular, not only expect content across all of the channels, but also want it to be immediately accessible, relevant, and engaging.

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