Introducing Quark’s Content Automation Blog


Welcome to Quark’s content automation blog, home to ideas and insight from technologists and strategists who live and breathe content. From XML authoring and content management to mobile app development and customer experience, we’ll cover all things related to making content brilliant throughout its entire lifecycle.

Why are we focused on making content brilliant? Well, in many cases content processes are broken and the content therefore is not living up to its full potential. Consider how dramatically the ways in which we consume content have changed in the past 20 years with the advent of digital and mobile communications channels. Yet, the ways most companies create and manage content haven’t changed much at all. Many are stuck with old-fashioned workflows that result in errors, wasted time, and a lot of inherent risk. There is a better way to create and manage content and the solution is content automation.

Content Automation is applicable for a wide range of business-critical content types from standard operating procedures and investment research to technical documentation and mobile sales enablement. From both an industry and technology perspective, the Quark Content Automation blog will cover topics related to content automation including:

  • Enterprise content management solutions
  • Web content management solutions
  • Digital asset management
  • Omni-channel publishing
  • XML authoring
  • DITA
  • HTML5
  • Digital publishing
  • Content component management
  • Customer experience (CX)
  • And much more …